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Is $ACAD Buy Before ER?

Last bearish Head and Shoulder's top didn't result in any positive outcome and we owe you an apology if you had placed a trade based on that bearish pattern though we have given you a good stop loss in case the trade didn't work out. From the equity point of view, the trade did make

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Is $AQMS Sell Before ER?

The chart is saying that recent selling pressure is a sign that the common bullish gap up in early Feb may get filled after the price formed a bearish head and shoulders' top that has a measured downside target price at $10.25 area. 24-days to go before ER hits the wire and the price can indeed fall

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Is $LITE Buy Before ER?

The bulls have the upper hand and only 10 days to go before ER hits the wire but the question is will you buy before ER? The chart says not bad to bet on the long side. The price broke out upside mid-Feb but retested the buy point both March and April now the price

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Is $KGC a Buy before Earning?

The stock seems ready to break out and has been building a base or what looks like a larger bullish bottom triangle which has a measured upside target of 7.5 a 94% move from Friday's closing price. Only 8-days to go before ER and the hard question is will you buy before the earning?

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Is $GLD Sell Now?

The bullish harami that may have lured many new bullish bets could now face a temporary setback but there is higher chance that the recent bullish resurgence in gold will continue. The trend is down, not a sustained path and accumulating long-term position is the best idea not opening your position at once.  The French

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Is $NVDA Buy Before Earning?

The market is not rosy and recent bullish resurgence may have some rooms to maneuver, however; the trend is up, intact and strong. The company will report its 1st quarter earning on May 9th, 2017. The option market is expecting plus or minus 9% move til May expiration. As you can see from the chart,

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