Today’s strong price action has given the bulls the 1st bullish resurgence signal in which the price crossed above well-watched 50-day moving average on relatively strong volume above 10EMA but below 50EMA but overall the short term trend suggests a continuation of a recent bearish move. Another worrisome for the bears is the hammer that was formed yesterday and confirmed today. The price may have reached the bottom of the recent downtrend, having recovered high up from a sharp decline for the session. The Hammer appears during a downtrend, displaying a long lower shadow with a small real body at the top of the range. The price may be developing a bottom and due for a reversal to the upside. Having detected two promising bullish signals there are even more bearish signals that remain worth watching especially recent symmetrical bearish continuation triangle with target price at $28 levels overall there are nine bullish signals and 12 bearish signals since July last year. This stock is very volatile and only helped day traders who are good at reading the type. The detail trading plan can be accessed from here the Live-Blog.