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Stock on focus: $AAPL 

The stock has been under pressure for several weeks if not months and had tough time to crack its 200-day moving average. Now, the stock lost several key areas which puts alot of investors and traders on edge. Santa might have been late to the party but he showed up this week with good news for bulls but not sure how long this rally will last. The light volume we have seen this week is very common as the bad pundits are gone for the holiday but still it can bring large price swings the rest of the month. As we noted last night, $AAPL had 3 buy signal since early August, and 16 sell signals which may show that the bottom formation is in place. We also have seen some buying pressure when price moved close to $106 this week which is another crucial level to watch. Push below $104.50 will finally give the bears many reasons to believe that price will retest August low $92 and beyond. Now, we have Jan 2016 110 Call which so far lost 17% of the premium value. We will take a loss and exit the trade if price moves below $106.45. The rest of the positions are open and will remain open and we will update on the weekend.  We attached herewith the latest update of December Portfolio in this note.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!