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$TWTR ER Trade Follow Up

[livepress_metainfo show_timestmp="1" time="2:04" timestamp="2016-04-30T02:04:10+00:00" authors="woowtrading"] woowtrading | 4:37 AM $TWTR ER Trade Follow Up 1 woowtrading Introduction Twitter is a public, real-time, global platform where any user can create a Tweet and any user can follow other users. The platform is unique in its simplicity: Tweets are limited to 140 characters of text. This constraint

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$CHK Trade Plan Update

woowtrading | 9:24 $CHK New Trade Plan 1 woowtrading Introduction Chesapeake Energy Corp. is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the development, exploration, acquisition and production of onshore natural gas and oil reserves. Chesapeake owns interests in producing oil and gas wells concentrated in three primary operating areas: the Mid-Continent region of Oklahoma,

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$NFLX New Trade Plan

Introduction Netflix Inc. is the largest online movie rental subscription service in the United States providing subscribers access to a comprehensive library of more than 18,000 movie, television and other filmed entertainment titles. The standard subscription plan allows subscribers to have three titles out at the same time with no due dates, late fees or

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